Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Where are all the Animal Collective sound-alikes?

"You can hardly throw a stone in a record shop without hitting a new album by a band that sounds like Animal Collective." - Dusted Magazine

"We'd love to get through this without mentioning Animal Collective, which has become the indie-focused writer's Beatles or Brian Wilson-- a comparison so overused that it's meaningless." - Pitchfork

"Between 1996's groundbreaking Millions Now Living Will Never Die and 2001's pacesetting Standards, Tortoise garnered a level of influence in indie music that almost rivals that of Animal Collective today." - Pitchfork (again)

Where, exactly, is this proliferation of Animal Collectivesque bands that I've somehow missed?

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Katie said...

Dustin! Hi! You have a blog! Cool.